Why is Slow Cow blue?

It is quite difficult to give a scientific explanation on why Slow Cow is blue. However, if we remain on the simple explanations, there is a reason we can give on why we chose that pretty emerald blue color. First, let’s put you to the test. What is the first thing you instinctively think of when you hear about the color blue?

Does Slow Cow’s blue color make you dream?

For us, to say the least, it’s the image we had in mind for that blue color. Blue is a dreamy color, often associated with the sky, the sea, traveling and so on. As mentioned in our FAQ section, studies show that the color blue benefits the body and soul. It slows the human metabolism and has a calming effect. Blue is closely related to quiet and calm. Isn’t it true? The emerald blue color is soothing. Not too dark, light enough to make you want to relax.

And, if we enlarge on the not so scientific part of our article, some say that the colour blue is often associated with a calm and serene state of mind. We then thought that blue would be the perfect colour for our Mind Cooler. Furthermore, doesn’t a blue colored drink make you think of a Mind Cooler right away? With its emerald blue light and pure color, our dragon fruit flavored Slow Cow Mind Cooler will certainly make you salivate. Also available with a citrus iced tea flavor, you can savor the original version sweetened with stevia which makes it 100% natural!