Let’s learn a little more about lime tree

Since lime tree is one of the natural ingredients included in Slow Cow Mind Cooler, we thought you’d like to know a little more about it. More often identified as a traditional tea component, the lime tree has multiple purposes notably from its flowers. Its leaves and its wood that can be used in medicinal functions. Traditionally, this tree is popular for its fragrant flowers, but once transformed, its benefits are numerous.

The benefits of lime tree in the Mind Cooler

Commonly appreciated for its delicate flowers’ aroma, some of the active components of the lime tree also act as antioxidants. Also called white wood, the lime tree’s flowers can act on cough and fever. On top of relieving headaches, the flowers are often used to treat digestive problems and nervousness. Since it acts as a sedative, consuming it helps decrease anxiety and stress while helping counter insomnia. Combining all these benefits makes it easy to appreciate that ingredient, constituent of our Mind Cooler, which has many positive properties!

Other uses for lime tree

On top of drinking it in Slow Cow, you can have fun and bring your salads to the next level with lime tree baby leaves. Do not hesitate to directly infuse your bath water with the subtly perfumed flowers, you will feel even more relaxed before bedtime. Slow Cow helps you fight pressure with a beverage that is naturally composed of healthy ingredients for body and soul!