Hop in Slow Cow!

Yes indeed! Slow Cow Mind Cooler contains hop. Don’t be so surprised. Even though hop is mostly known for being a beer component, Slow Cow also uses it for its benefits. This herbaceous climbing plant is also known as humulus lupulus and common hop. The lupulin and the female inflorescence of this perennial are the two parts commonly used.

The properties of hop

On top of being a part of the natural ingredients contained in Slow Cow, the young hop sprouts can be consumed as a side dish. As well as having ornamental climbing stems, it can have many positive effects on the human body. Also consumed as an herbal tea, this plant is renowned for favoring a good sleep. Indeed, hop can help calm the nervous disturbances that cause insomnia. Ironically enough, this plant is also known for its tonic properties. Since it is naturally bitter, it favours digestion and appetite. Sometimes used without being consumed, this plant can also treat certain skin diseases or other viruses such as rheumatism. Hop has many other properties, but those are the main ones present in Slow Cow Mind Cooler. No need to resist, naturally composed of healthy ingredients, the Mind Cooler helps you fight pressure!