What are the best moments to drink Slow Cow?

We don’t think that you should have to choose when to drink Slow Cow. However, we think that some situations are more favorable to drink our Mind Cooler! Since Slow Cow helps temporarily restore your focus and memorization skills while relaxing your nervous system, we thought we could give you some tips to maximize the benefits of drinking our beverage.

At the beginning of the day for more energy

First, since Slow Cow is a Mind Cooler that doesn’t cause drowsiness, do not hesitate to consume it in the morning as well as in the evening. At the beginning of the day, Slow Cow will act as your ally to face everyday projects. In helping keeping your focus, you will be more efficient and focused while being awakened. Why not before an exam? To avoid losing your concentration, a few sips of our beverage and you will notice the soothing effects immediately. You have a busy day ahead of you? The children are acting out and you need to relax? Drinking Slow Cow is a good way to achieve this naturally!

And why not during the evening to relax!

So, if you consume the Mind Cooler during the evening, know that it will help you relax. Stress-caused insomnia can be reduced if you drink Slow Cow before bedtime. Furthermore, if you lack energy after a physical activity, it is a good time to maximize the effects of our beverage on your body and soul. You will feel revived straight away and then you will be able to keep on with your schedule with just as much energy. Do not hesitate to consume Slow Cow to counter stress and fatigue at work; you will notice the tensions fading after a few minutes.