Passion Flower is the name given to passiflora. It clearly shows why Slow Cow Mind Cooler has such great taste! The Passion Flower comes from the tropical and subtropical regions of America. Grown in Europe, in North America and in Asia, the top parts of the passiflora are the ones that are harvested and used for consumption. Coming from the passifloraceae family, this climbing plant benefits your body and soul in many ways!

Why consume passiflora?

Many indications favour the consumption of passiflora. Most of the time infused, the Passion Flower can also be consumed in capsules or in tablets. Focal point in research on ways to decrease stress and anxiety: this edible plant can help reduce nervousness and neural pain. Further contributing to the relieving of digestive problems, this product was destined to be part of our drink since it improves the quality of sleep when troubled by nervousness.

Relaxing effects of passiflora

Indeed, some research lead to identify the relaxing effects of passiflora. Even though its relaxing effects are noticeable while drinking Slow Cow, they are not to be mistaken with drowsiness. This plant is often associated with valerian and hop, which also have relaxing virtues. Reduced stress, decreased tensions, relief and fading of nervousness are all positive effects to the consumption of passiflora. This ingredient is part of the list of ingredients that naturally compose Slow Cow Mind Cooler. In the morning, at noon or during the night, Slow Cow helps fight pressure and temporarily restore your focus.