Slow Cow : Proud partner of international events

Slow Cow’s success resonates all over the planet. It is your perfect everyday drink, no matter where you are. The purpose of Slow Cow is to offer a product that allows people to relax while temporarily optimizing their focus in order to enjoy pleasant moments every day. Slow Cow is thus a proud partner of popular events near you!

Events Slow Cow took part in

The company is, amongst other things, the proud partner of many events in various countries. Slow Cow is involved in many organizations in Australia. Last March, Slow Cow had a partnership with ChillOut Festival Daylesford. Every year, it is the biggest parade in the country celebrating diversity. And then in February 2016, the Mind Cooler was adopted by many festival-goers at the Go JamAudio in Melbourne. You’ll have guessed: it was a festival for music of all kinds.

You can also notice the same phenomenon in Brazil; Slow Cow is invested in the community to create high quality social gatherings. It sponsored the biggest creative event in Latin America named Pixel Show which occurred last October. That’s not all: the company also sponsors another festival, but this time it’s a sport’s festival: the Rei Rainha do Mar beach festival.

Slow Cow is keeping the momentum and wishes to be part of even more international events whether it is about sports, arts or music. Submit your project!