Slow Cow Mind Cooler on an international platform!

Things are moving for Slow Cow! Our Quebecker enterprise is proudly becoming an international platform! What does it mean? We can now reach the entire world in the click of a button! We reunite the twelve countries we partner with on a same platform in order to maximise the accessibility and browsing efficiency.

More information on the Mind Cooler:

It is true that it greatly simplifies your visits on our website, but it is also about more than that. Becoming an international platform has made us improve our website in order to offer as much information on the Mind Cooler as possible. Easy to browse, the brand new Slow Cow international website makes you travel in different countries according to your interest. You will thus be able to take a look at our slow cow around the world!

While browsing through our new platform, you will discover each of the 8 ingredients contained in our Mind Cooler. Besides stating that they are all natural ingredients, you will also notice the benefits you can take from drinking Slow Cow in one or another of our three flavors. Oh! And we also added videos which indicate when its best to drink or Mind Cooler, in order to make the most of its benefits. We always give you new information and interesting facts about our Mind Cooler on our blog. And our FAQs section answers the most frequently asked question to our team. Moreover, Slow Cow doesn’t cause drowsiness if it can help you! Follow us on Facebook, you will notice that our mascot has a lot of fun on social media!