Chamomile: To discover or rediscover!

Chamomile is far from something new. You probably drank a chamomile tea or had someone offer you one before. There is a reason why this ingredient is always so popular, and that’s because it has soothing properties. That’s not all; this plant also benefits your whole body and soul. Chamomile is part of the asteraceae family. It is frequently used in cosmetics, in beauty products and in natural medicine.

Various plants, many varieties of chamomile:

There are 3 kinds : the Tall, the German and the Roman. The German kind, also called matricaria, has anti-inflammatory properties, which means it helps reduce pain. For its part, according to the European Scientific Cooperative on Phototherapy (ESCOP), the Tall supposedly prevents migraines and the Roman calms and relaxes nerves. Chamomile, of any kind, has soothing properties, reduces diabetes and calms the body and soul. The popular TV network Canal Vie has even listed it, in the form of herbal tea, as an ingredient with lots of virtues, such as making people relax.

Choose the Fizzy chamomile drink:

Slow Cow Mind Cooler contains 8 natural ingredients, including chamomile. This drink allows you to benefit from the properties of chamomile while enjoying a fizzy drink in three varieties of flavor: iced tea and citrus, Stevia and the original flavor, which tastes like dragon fruit.