Valerian and its benefits

Valerian is a plant which produces pink and white flowers and can be found pretty much everywhere on earth. It has various appellations, such as ”herb of the beaten woman”, ”cat’s herb” and ”all-heal herb”. Valerian has funny appellations, but what is important to know is that it’s also useful to humans.

How is valerian used?

A part of this plant, the roots, benefits the human body. They have sedative qualities. This plant is used in medicine and beverages, because it favors a better quality of sleep and acts on the nervous system. Valerian helps to reduce stress and anxiety. That is the reason why it has been used for many years all over the planet. The World Health Organization and the European Scientific Cooperative on Physiotherapy acknowledge its anxiolytic qualities. This means that this natural substance has been scientifically proven to inhibit stress in humans.

Where can you find valerian?

Valerian is incorporated in many prescribed medication and in unrestricted sale, in accordance with its origin and quantity. It has to be taken orally, whether it’s in a prescription drug or in a beverage. This natural product can be found in Slow Cow Mind Cooler, along with 7 other natural ingredients. You only have to try Slow Cow and observe the effects on you! There are 3 flavours available, each containing the 8 same natural ingredients, two of which are l-theanine and valerian.