Tips to reduce stress

Stress affects a lot of people nowadays.

Are you one of them?

You don’t have to worry; it simply means that you are human. Stress acts like an alarm system aiming to protect you from danger.

Is there a difference between stress and anxiety?

Stress causes a physical discomfort caused by something happening in real life, while anxiety provokes an unbearable uneasiness due to negative thoughts. Anxiety is often linked with anticipation. Stress and anxiety’s symptoms are similar and can result in a headache, a migraine, insomnia or having trouble focusing. The slight difference between stress and anxiety is that the symptoms are more intense when you experience anxiety. Nonetheless, stress can also affect your everyday life.

There are some tips that can be useful to reduce stress. You can try them and see the results for yourself.

  • A good time management schedule is essential in order to reduce stress. Using a daily planner will help you avoid wasting time and forgetting important things. The daily planner is an efficient tool, since it allows you to see your planning of the day and monitor its progress.
  •  Meditation, breathing technics and yoga are activities that also help to reduce daily stress. Not interested? No problem! Opt for exercise and you’ll notice the benefits every day on your body and soul.

Wish to reduce your stress fast?

Unfortunately, there is no magical recipe. You need to discover which solution works best for you depending on how your body responds. Sometimes, you only have to stop thinking and let things run their course. Let go and drink Slow Cow!