Mind Cooler put to the test

Slow Cow Mind Cooler easily fits into your daily routine. It has the size of an energy drink, without being one. Slow Cow allows you to relax and feel good.

Slow Cow is a Mind Cooler which benefits body and soul. No need to suffer from anxiety or to feel stressed out to drink it. You simply want to have a nice day? Slow Cow can help you with its taste and natural ingredients. To help you better understand the purpose of this drink, here’s a true story. Philippe Plante, from Hangar Marketing Agency, felt tired after a long day’s work. He had quite a drive ahead of him and he was feeling tense. He decided to give Slow Cow a try. Philippe had no idea what to expect, but he enjoyed the taste. To his surprise, he felt relaxed and less tired. Philippe tested the iced tea and citrus flavored Mind Cooler and really enjoyed his experience. He was then able to keep on going well into the evening and the night.

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