Slow Cow around the world

Slow Cow around the world 

Slow Cow has achieved widespread popularity around the globe. It is available in more than 12 countries such as Brazil, France, Russia and more recently in Greece. The logo remains the same no matter where but the cow blends in according to the country. In Quebec, the cow is brown and has hair but in Russia and Brazil, it’s different, the cow is blue and looks like a cartoon character. 

Slow Cow: it’s more than a cow 

Don’t try to guess the cow’s gender; it varies from time to time. What’s important is not the cow itself but the mood it is in, it feels relax and carefree. Slow Cow wants you to have a good time. The drink can be enjoyed at the beach, the mountain or during an exam, the choice is yours. 

Something new with Slow Cow 

Slow Cow is for everyone. It is offered in 3 flavors: calorie-free original, 100 % natural Stevia and lemon icedtea. The drink still has 8 natural ingredients including: l-theanine and Valeria. Slow Cow won’t make you sleepy; you’ll simply enjoy your day.