L-theanine : what is it ?

L-theanine : what is it ? 

You probably never heard in the past about l-theanine. This is not a technology or chemical product .L-theanine is a natural ingredient introduce in a beverage called Slow Cow. This appeasing beverage includes 8 natural ingredients and one of the largest ingredients is the l-theanine. This is an amino acid predominant in tea leaf. According to health Canada, l-theanine improves cognitive function and help to relax. 

L-theanine come from nature specifically in vegetal species and fungal. You can also find this ingredient in tea plant.

L-theanine researches:    

According to health Canada, l-theanine helps to promote temporary a state of relaxation.

The Natural and Non-prescription Health Products Directorate (NNHPDdescribe this amino acid as a natural product which has a positive effect on body and play positively on concentration and anxiety.  

The l-theanine need to be taken orally and according to Health Canada, do not imply any dangerous activity. You just have to try Slow Cow and the 3 flavors: the blue original Slow Cow , the Stevia and the ice tea lemon. For more information about the ingredients, just visit our web site!